1.    Buffalo chicken Bites?

    Crispy boneless chicken pieces grilled with free ranch sauce (6 pieces mostly).

2.    Chicken wings?

    grilled Chicken wings there are 3 flavors. (spicy, BBQ, Plain) (9 pieces mostly)

3.    Mozzarella sticks?

    Crunchy fingers with tomato sauce (6 pieces mostly).

4.    Potato wedges? there is 3 kind

    The regular kind is little spices.

    with cheese.

    with cheese and jalapeno

5.    Quesadilla?

Crunchy pie stuffed with cheese and onions

there is 3 kind of them




6.    garlic Bread?

    French garlic bread with cheese

7.    volcano nachos

    A template of toasted bread that contains kinds of sauce from cheese and around nachos

8.    Churros?

    Crunchy fingers with sprinkles of sugar and cinnamon with chocolate sauce. (9 pieces mostly)

9.    Chocolate calzone

    Pie stuffed with Nutella stuffed with sprinkles of sugar. cut many pieces

10.    Choco pizza

    chocolate Pizza with kit kit and chocolate.

11.    lava chocolate: there is 2 kind

    lava single. lava twins (as like chocolate Souffle)